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Because trading is a two-way process it is natural that our business requires us to act as both buyer and/or seller depending on the particular transaction. As an example, if you wish to export your products to the Southeast Asian market from North America, and have not been involved in this business in the past we will provide extensive marketing, sales and support service minimizing the cost and time spent by your company. Or conversely, if you are in Asia and wish to enter the U.S./North American market we can help you. Here are a few of the types of services we offer:


  • Evaluate and qualify your product for the intended market.
  • Screen potential customers and distributors to handle your products.
  • Establish competitive price requirements in target markets.
  • Negotiate pricing, terms and secure orders.
  • Source hundreds of products for you through our extensive network of suppliers worldwide.

We know where to find the best quality products at the best prices! Additionally, we maintain our own inventory in the USA. If you are looking for quick delivery of certain frozen fruits or vegetables from China and Southeast Asia we can help you.


  • Conduct market research when necessary and analysis of competition.
  • Review, translate marketing materials and labels.
  • Evaluate government regulations, import and export requirements and restrictions so your import/export process is worry-free.

We’ll help you enter the market competitively, with the correct product formulations, label and nutritional information and palatability that suit your intended market!

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