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Are you looking for top quality frozen and freeze dried vegetables from China? Baby corn from Thailand? Cashews from Vietnam?

Do you want to import in less than container-load quantities? Do you require mixed loads of a variety of products delivered to your warehouse tomorrow?

Is your packaging costing you a fortune and are minimum ordering requirements excessive? Are your products being held up unnecessarily by FDA delays or because of improper documentation and/or labeling requirements?

Are your employees culturally aware and able to communicate easily and successfully with suppliers and buyers throughout Asia?

Are you actively seeking to export your products to Japan, China and countries throughout SE Asia or to the USA? How will you make contacts? How will your products get to retail market and through the proper distribution channels?

At NOON INTERNATIONAL we are trading specialists in the South East Asian/Australian market with particular emphasis in the area of frozen, canned, freeze-dried, and shelf stable food products. Our goal is simple. We bring buyer and seller together and provide you with extraordinary service and competitive pricing so that your experience is profitable and worry free.

What do we mean by extraordinary? We listen to you. We try very hard to understand your business as a whole—your products, internal processes and financial targets. If necessary we offer advice on required changes to meet the specific marketplace you are aiming for from plant level to packaging and labeling requirements. At Noon International we are paranoid about knowing what's happening out there at all times—new trends and processes, consumption patterns and market segmentation and we share this expertise with our partners to assure our mutual success.

For the last thirty years we have been actively trading in food and food related products throughout North America, Central America, South East Asia and Australia. It is a well known fact that anyone wanting to establish long term and profitable trade with Asia must spend an inordinate amount of time building just such relationships! In China this is known as “guanxi” and Noon International has devoted 30 years to developing guanxi with our network of suppliers and customers focusing on quality, reliability and quick turnaround times. There is no price you can put on this.

Our offices in California, Seattle Washington and Sydney Australia are globally positioned and ready to serve you with market introduction and/or procurement of retail private label, institutional and bulk pack products. Our international network of experts are ready. We look forward to developing “guanxi” with you!
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